My artwork is a reflection of visual stories discovered through a plane window. These discoveries are aerial perspectives of vast graphic and playful landscapes and infrastructures from below the clouds.

I translate these discoveries visually into line variation, blocks of saturated colors and textural surfaces. I also draw careful illustrations and organic shapes of clouds which are reminiscent of my childhood imagination. For instance, during the airplane journeys, I can recall seeing topographic landscapes of roads, flat agriculture lands, ground plains, and buildings in layers above ground. I translate those layerings into graphic pencil lines mimicking the curves of the unexplored roads; the vivid colors representing the colorful ground plains and the liquid pour of acrylic paints and inks to create an atmospheric perspective. And finally, I chose to use water based mediums because I love the quick drying process which enables me to add multi-layers of other mediums on top or to add more to the composition. All forms are abstracted with a rhythmical interpretation of shape and composition. 

Flying and living abroad was stimulating, and became my cultural identity. These paintings are visual stories of my childhood imagination and experiences in foreign countries from an aerial perspective.